STEM Starter Academy

Sustainathon Award Recipients

STEM Starter Academy logoThe Commonwealth of Massachusetts is dedicated to investing in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) research, education, and job and workforce development to meet the critical need for employees in these fields. STCC has developed the STEM Starter Academy (SSA) in response to the Commonwealth’s charge. SSA provides programs for a range of students including high school students, STCC students, and STCC STEM majors.

The driving principles of SSA are to support our underrepresented student populations with providing equity and access to STEM majors and pathways and to promote positive and equitable outcomes through intense student support and guidance.

Academy Objectives

  • To create student awareness of the value and demand for STEM majors offered at STCC and career opportunities.
  • To enhance student readiness to persevere in a rigorous STEM major through bootcamps, utilizing campus resources, provide STEM active learning opportunities, tutoring and peer- mentoring.
  • To improve student retention by intense case management strategy of intrusive advising, guidance, and support to handle academic challenges and overcoming life barriers.
  • To engage a more diverse student population underrepresented and underserved communities in the STEM workforce to promote positive and equitable outcomes.
  • To improve degree completion in a STEM major and transfer to a 4-year STEM degree program or join the STEM workforce.


The Academy offers the following main programs:

  1. Summer Bridge Program
  2. Sustainathon
  3. STEM Careers Symposium and Expo
  4. Coding and Robotics Workshops and Challenge
  5. STEM Pre-teaching Experience Internships
  6. Two-to-Four-Year Transfer Summer Bridge

Student Success and Testimonials

Student reflections on STEM Starter Academy Experiences

My experience at SSA summer bridge program, I can say, was phenomenal. I was unsure of my major before I participated, however, by the completion I had confidence in my choice of STEM major SSA Student