Repopulating Campus

As an evolving document, the 2021 COVID-19 Campus Repopulation Plan outlines how the campus will comply with mandatory safeguards for operation during the COVID-19 reopening period.

Please see the Return to Campus pages prior to coming on campus and follow the protocols when you arrive. It is essential to follow these steps so we can safeguard ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.

Campus Repopulation Workgroup

In late May 2020, STCC’s President, Dr. John B. Cook, convened a Campus Repopulation Workgroup to create a Campus Repopulation Plan. The Workgroup has been meeting twice a week since June and will continue to do so as the COVID Response Team.

The COVID Response Team (CRT), a sub-group of the Emergency Response Team (ERT), formally replaced the Campus Repopulation Workgroup. CRT monitors campus repopulation efforts and ensures preparedness for any surges or changes in pandemic conditions that impact STCC operations.