Flex Term Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a “Flex Term”?

A “flex term” is a term that offers flexibility to students. These are seven week semesters that begin at the start of a traditional semester (for example, Fall 1) or that start in the middle of the traditional semester (for example, Fall 2).

What is “Late Start”?

“Late Start” is what we refer to as the flex term that begins in the middle of the traditional academic semester (for example, Fall 2). We call it “Late Start” because it allows students who may decide to begin or return to college to do so half way through the traditional semester and not have to wait for the start of the next semester. It also allows students that run into issues registering for courses (for example, due to holds on their accounts) to resolve those and not miss an entire semester.

Why should I take advantage of the Flex Terms?

There are a lot of reasons. Do you do better focusing on fewer courses? Take two courses each flex term as opposed to four courses at once during a traditional 15-week semester. Life events sometimes get in the way. Will you be having a medical procedure during the semester? Take courses during the flex term so that you do not miss out on the whole semester. Planning a wedding or delivering a baby? Take courses for only half the semester and focus on these important life events.

What kind of student would benefit from the Flex Terms?

All kinds of students. Students who focus better on fewer classes at once. Students who need extra help and benefit from more concentrated time in the classroom. Advanced students who want accelerated courses to more quickly complete degrees or prerequisites for competitive programs. College graduates trying to finish prerequisites for professional school programs (for example, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, or Medical School programs). Students who prefer online courses. Students who want face-to-face instruction. Hybrid students who want a little of both. Flex Terms are just that- flexible.

How are courses delivered during the Flex Term?

All courses meet for the same number of hours as a full semester class. The modes of delivery are different.


Some courses meet for twice the amount of time face-to-face in a week but for half the number of weeks as a traditional semester. These meetings may be back-to-back periods. Some may meet five days a week.


Another mode is the hybrid model of instruction. Student will meet for the same number of hours in a week as a traditional course however, approximately half of the course work will be facilitated online using our learning management software known as Blackboard.


The final mode of delivery is completely online. Online courses create a community that exists in the virtual space. Like hybrid, this mode uses Blackboard to convey content through readings, activities, interactions with the instructor and other students, multimedia, and a variety of other methods.

What courses are offered during Flex Terms?

We offer a wide variety of courses during Flex Terms. Courses from Accounting, Business, English, History, Anatomy and Physiology, Math, Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Health Sciences are just a few.

Check out our course offerings.

How do I sign up for a Flex Term?

If you want to apply for admission into a Certificate or Associate degree program, you will need to begin the STCC Admissions application process by applying to the college.

If you want to register for classes without applying for admission into a Certificate or Associate degree program, or want to improve your skills with a course, or if you are enrolled as a degree-seeking student at another institution and want to take a course at STCC to transfer back to your institution, please see the Non-Degree Registration section of our Register for Classes webpage.