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Make an immediate and consistent impact on the future of STCC students today by enrolling in the Rams Warrior Society!

Many alumni and friends of the college have already enrolled, and represent STCC’s most loyal donors, those who make their annual gifts in monthly installments. Their impact on students as they transform their lives is incredible, consistent, and allows STCC to forecast support.

Your consistent gift allows the college to direct student support on a predictable basis, which for us is invaluable. The Rams Warrior Society is truly shaped by the leading philanthropists at the college – not only do they support our students, but their consistency allows us to better budget financial aid for our students.

I truly believe that the mission of STCC is among the most important in Greater Springfield. What the school does for the long term growth of individuals and the region is immeasurably important. Springfield centric, regionally focused, the school prepares young people of all ages to build our economy. STCC, its administration, its staff, and its students play a key role for the future, and they are all worth investing in. Eugene J. Cassidy, CFE
President and Chief Executive Officer
Eastern States Exposition

Benefits of Enrolling

Convenience – no need to write a check or remember to make your gift.

Sustainability – you will no longer receive paper appeals from STCC, just newsletters about our wonderful students and other important updates, thus saving trees.

Cost Savings – we will exclude you from regular solicitations which allows us to save on postage and printing expenses.

Impact – many donors choose to make a larger gift since they’re making those payments over time.

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