Underwriting on The Air

Support the Community’s Choice, WTCC FM 90.7, by underwriting specific programs or the station in general. Your message will be received by thousands of people in the WTCC audience. Area businesses have been underwriting on WTCC for years because they find it an effective way to get out their message.

WTCC’s strong FM signal is heard throughout western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut, and much farther through the web (we have listeners across the U.S. and from other countries.)  With the unparalleled diversity of our programming, you can reach the specific audience you want, at very affordable prices.

Since WTCC is a non-commercial, educational station, our underwriting differs from advertising in the way your message is constructed.  We’ll help you to phrase your message for the effect you want.

For more information, please contact Andrew Cade at 413-755-6180.