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The Institutional Research (IR) Office serves several functions at STCC, all to further the mission of the College by providing data and information to facilitate decision‐making, as well as to meet federal, state and accreditation reporting requirements. In addition to providing information on institution‐level measures such as enrollment, retention and graduation, we are also here to assist with department and program‐level requests. Whether you need to address regional or professional accreditation requirements, require data for the strategic planning process, or want to assess a new initiative meant to improve student outcomes, the IR Office can help develop and analyze metrics to measure student success.

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Graduation and Transfer Rates

Institutional Surveys


Can a college examine student retention prior to defining what retention is to that particular institution? There is currently one standard, national retention definition that was established by the federal government and must be reported by all colleges on an annual basis. That definition is:

Program Retention: Tracks the full-time student in a degree program over time (6yrs/4yr college, 3yrs/2yr college) to determine whether the student has completed the program.

Center for the Study of College Retention: Retention Definitions

This cohort-based rate is the rate from which the Federal Student Right to Know Graduation Rate is calculated.  But this retention definition does not include students who carry less than a full-time load in their first semester at the college. At STCC, this rate represents about 50% of our incoming class on average.