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Guest Relations / Customer Service

MGM Training Opportunity

Check this list. If you see a skill that you need or want to enhance, check out the various options that STCC offers to help you to obtain that skill.

Conflict Resolution

Diffuse situations in a professional manner that respects guests and does not harm the overall atmosphere of the location.

Training Options

Guest Service Orientation

Good customer service starts with the ability to provide excellent service to guests and ensure their complete satisfaction.

Training Options

Effective Communication

Every workplace requires you to maintain open lines of communication with others including listening to others’ viewpoints and demonstrating sensitivity and empathy.

Training Options

Resolve Guest Challenges

Resolve any problems that guests bring to you in an effective and timely manner.

Training Options

Customer Engagement

Engage with guests by greeting them upon entering area, understanding their needs, and performing assigned tasks to complete required procedures

Training Options


Ability to up sell guests by offering similar products that may be interesting or improve their experience.

Training Options

Person Perception

The ability to understand and read people as it relates to their behavior.

Training Options

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