Placement Assessments

STCC is committed to the academic success of all entering students. The college develops an Entrance Assessment Review to provide every student with proper advising and to promote retention. The Entrance Assessment Review is used to evaluate student competency in reading, writing, mathematics, and keyboard skills and aids STCC students and advisors in planning an appropriate course of study. This testing is required before registering for classes. No credit is awarded on the basis of entrance assessments.

  • All incoming students matriculating in degree, certificate, or certificate of completion programs will complete the entrance assessment before registering for classes. If the results reveal a need for a stronger foundation in vital academic skills, students will be directed to appropriate developmental courses and support services.
  • Students whose reviews indicate a need to further develop skills in reading, writing, mathematics, or keyboard skills must complete appropriate developmental courses designated to prepare students to succeed in college-level programs. Completion of developmental coursework may extend the time required to complete a degree or certificate program.

Exemptions may apply to:

  1. Students transferring equivalent college-level coursework into STCC from an accredited post-secondary institution; course transfer requires a grade of “C-” or better.
  2. High school graduates with a cumulative high school GPA of 2.7 earned within the past three years (for math exemption) or the past ten years (for reading and writing exemptions) (effective for new STCC students beginning in the Fall 0f 2019 or later)
  3. Students transferring Accuplacer scores from another institution (scores must be two years old or less, and students should request that they be submitted to the Testing and Assessment Center in a sealed envelope).
  4. Students having mathematics, English writing, reading or keyboard skills examination scores on STCC Entrance Assessments which are two years old or less.
  5. Students who have completed coursework in English, reading, and mathematics at STCC, with a grade level of C- or better.

Students who feel that their placement assessment results do not accurately reflect their skill level in a particular area (reading, writing, math, and/or keyboarding) may request a retest. Students must wait at least five (5) calendar days before retesting, to allow ample time for students to prepare for the retest, and only one retest per subject area will be allowed. The college will consider a student’s highest placement result (whether the original result or the retest result) when determining the student’s placement level.

Preparing for your Assessments

Most students tell us that they wished they had been better prepared for their placement assessments. The following resources will help you prepare, so that the results of your assessments will accurately reflect your skill levels.