Visual Communication and Media Production Cluster

Are you hands-on and creative? Are you an influencer? Do you think of yourself as a researcher or investigator? Do you prefer a more artistic form of content creation borrowing from film history? Do you like to start with a blank canvas and create a work of art? Do you have an eye for photography, fashion, or design?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, check out our Visual Communication and Media Production Cluster. No matter your medium, we have programs that can help you get your message across and tell your story. You’ll have access to state-of-the-art equipment, small class sizes, and experienced instructors who get to know you. Whether you plan to work immediately or transfer to a four-year college, let STCC be your muse!

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Find Job Opportunities

Students who pursue a course of study in the Visual Communication and Multimedia Production Cluster find employment opportunities in:

  • Advertising and Design
  • Computer and Digital Art
  • Copy Editing
  • Creative Writing
  • Education
  • Film Production
  • Freelance Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive Animation
  • Illustration
  • News Production
  • Public Relations
  • Publishing
  • Social Media Advertising and Analytics
  • Studio Art
  • Television Production
  • Video Game Design
  • Many, many more!*

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Visual Communication and Media Production Cluster Programs


Art- Are you ready to engage in the artistic processes of imagining, designing, creating and sharing your artwork? This two-year Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts Transfer Program will introduce you to the technical processes and creative concepts used by artists and designers.

  • Transfer to a four-year college or university where you can earn a BA or BFA
  • After your first year of study, transfer to Massachusetts College of Art and Design through MassTransfer
  • Be sure to check out all of the supports we offer on our Transfer Services page!

Communication and Digital Media Transfer

Communication and Digital Media Transfer- Do you want to transfer to a Massachusetts public college or university (including the UMass system)? Can you see yourself working in television, journalism, digital filmmaking/editing, or documentary production? How about spending your time writing, directing, doing videography or studio production? If you are interested in the wider aspects of communication and the digital media field of study, this degree is for you!

Digital Media Production Technology

Digital Media Production Technology- Are you interested in becoming a Video/Audio Editor, Social Media Specialist/Influencer, Educational/Broadcast Media Technician, Online Journalist, Camera Operator or Media Talent Acquisition Specialist? With this degree program, enhance your skills related to:

  • Developing effective communication strategies
  • Using industry standard computer and cloud based software/hardware to produce media content
  • Writing, performing, and presenting your productions

Digital Photography

Digital Photography- Would you like to be a professional freelance photographer? Do you want to be well-qualified for entry-level professional photography jobs? Then this is the degree program for you! Enhance your skills related to:

  • Portrait, fashion, product, location, editorial, advertising, and fine art photography
  • Social media design and advertising campaign development

English Communication and Professional Writing

English Communication and Professional Writing- Do you want to transfer to a Massachusetts public college or university (including the UMass system)? Would you like to set yourself apart from other employees, by how you interact and relay information in the workplace? In the English Communication and Professional Writing degree program, gain proficiency in:

  • Critical thinking and communication skills necessary for a variety of fields
  • Crafting written texts capable of reaching all audience types
  • Academic and professional writing
  • This program meets the Mass Transfer A2B requirements for the Pathway in Communication.
  • Be sure to check out all of the supports we offer on our Transfer Services page!

Graphic Design

Graphic Design- Do you want to work as a professional graphic designer? With this degree, you will become proficient in:

  • Typography, layout, digital pre-press production, and workflow
  • Publishing, packaging, and web design
  • Graphic Design

Interactive Media and Animation Design

Interactive Media and Animation Design- Are you considering a career in interactive new media? Are you interested in exploring real-world dynamic media production techniques used by field professionals? With this degree program, enhance your skills related to:

  • Video production
  • Game design; web and graphic design for interactive content
  • Animation and motion graphics for various media

Social Media Strategy and Design

Social Media Strategy and Design- Want to run successful ad campaigns on social media? Own a business and want a competitive edge? Are you a professional with an existing degree looking to upskill? With this one year certificate you will:

  • Learn how to create specific content for each social media platform to target and engage online viewers, building a community of followers
  • Create social media campaigns and measure their effectiveness with analytics
  • Gain skills in graphic design, motion graphics, marketing and advertising

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