STCC has partnered with the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to offer College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams. These tests provide an opportunity for STCC students (and the general public) to obtain college credit by examination. STCC students can earn up to, but not exceed, 45 credits toward a degree at STCC via Challenge exams and CLEP testing.

CLEP testing is by scheduled appointment ONLY

To schedule your CLEP Exam, call Testing & Assessment Center at 413-755-4709.

CLEP Exam Dates

Listed below is a Tentative CLEP Exam schedule. All exams take place at 1 p.m.

  • May 22, 2024
  • June 5, 2024
  • June 12, 2024
  • June 26, 2024

Registration Information

Register Online

  • $93 to CLEP*
  • $15 to STCC check or money order only
  • Additional $10 fee for optional essays - add to STCC payment

*Effective July 1, 2024, the new CLEP exam fee will be $95. The current $93 fee will still apply to all exams purchased through June 30, 2024.

Register by Mail

Send your Registration Ticket with the $15 to STCC check or money order to:

Springfield Technical Community College
Testing & Assessment Center
One Armory Square-STE 1
P O Box 9000
Springfield, MA 01102-9000

Register in Person

Bring completed form and payment to: STCC Campus, Ira H. Rubenzahl Student Learning Commons (B19), room 238

A $7.00 Rescheduling Fee will be charged to change a testing date.

TESTING FEES are not refundable

Important Information for STCC students

  • CLEP credits will be awarded by STCC only if the student is currently enrolled in a degree or certificate program.
  • CLEP exams cannot be used to replace or improve a grade already on your transcript.
  • Contact the college you are attending/plan to attend to make sure that the CLEP Exam you are registering for will be accepted for credit.
  • If you "CLEP" a course in which you are currently enrolled, you will remain financially responsible for the course, and you must follow all course withdrawal procedures.

Register Online and Exam Procedure Descriptions can be found online at the College Board CLEP website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Springfield Technical Community College's Test Center Code Number is 3791.

You do not need to be an STCC student to take a CLEP exam at STCC. Students who take CLEP exams designate, on the answer key, the school where the College Board should send their scores. Students who have their scores reported to STCC should refer to the list of course equivalents listed below. These are the only CLEP exams accepted for credit by STCC. Only currently enrolled students registered in degree or certificate programs at STCC can be awarded CLEP credits.

Credits are designated with a "CL" on the transcript and are not reflected in the student's GPA. Refer to the list of STCC Course Equivalents for CLEP Exams. These are the only CLEP exams accepted for credit by STCC. Only students registered in degree programs at STCC and currently enrolled can be awarded CLEP credits.

Results of CLEP Exams are placed in our file. Failures, however, are not recorded on your transcript. The College Board maintains a policy requiring a 3-month waiting period for retaking a failed exam.

The candidate leaves the Testing Session with printed results in hand, and then ETS sends the results to those institutions designated by the candidate, approximately 3 weeks after the examination. STCC receives scores only when the candidate directs ETS to send them here. STUDENTS TAKING THE CLEP EXAMS ARE ADVISED TO CONTACT THE COLLEGE WHERE THEY WANT CREDIT AWARDED TOWARD A DEGREE--TO ENSURE THAT THE EXAM THEY ARE TAKING WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR CREDIT.

There is a CLEP Handbook on reserve at the STCC Library.

Equivalent Courses & Credit Values at STCC

Please note only subject exams are accepted for credit.

Exam Credit Course(s) Essay
American Government 3 PSC-101, American Government/Politics 1 No
Biology 8 BIO-201/201L, Biology 1 and BIO-
202/202L, Biology 2
Calculus 4 MAT-131, Calculus I No
Chemistry 8 CHM-111/111L General Chemistry 1 and
CHM-112/112L, General Chemistry 2
College Algebra 4 MAT-124, Technical Math 1 No
Pre-Calculus 4 MAT-130, Pre-calculus No
College Composition Modular 3 ENG-101, English Composition 1 No
Analyzing and Interpreting
Literature (optional essay)
3 ENG-102 Composition 2 Intro Literature Yes
French Language 6 FRE-201, Intermediate French 1 and FRE-
202, Intermediate French 2
History of the United States I Col.
to 1877
3 HIS-110, Survey of U.S. History and
History of the United States II:
1865 to the present
3 HIS-111, Survey of Modern U.S. History No
Human Growth & Development 3 PSY-210 Lifespan Human Growth &
Introductory Business Law 3 LAW-214, Business Law Essentials No
Introductory Sociology 3 SOC-101, Introduction to Sociology No
Introductory Psychology 3 PSY-101 General Psychology No
Principles of Macroeconomics 6 ECN-101, Economics 1 and ECN-102,
Economics 2
Principles of Management 3 MGT-101, Principles of Management No
Principles of Marketing 3 MKT-101,  Principles of Marketing No
Spanish Language 6 SPN-201, Intermediate Spanish 1 and SPN-
202, Intermediate Spanish 2
Western Civilization I: Ancient
Near East to 1648
3 HIS-100, Survey of Early Western
Western Civilization II: 1648 to
the Present
3 HIS-101, Survey of Modern Western
American Literature 3 ENG-210 and 211 No
English Literature 3 ENG-205 and 206 No
Humanities 3 HUM-290 No