Academic Clusters

What is an Academic Cluster?

An Academic Cluster is a group of programs (some people call these majors) that have something in common. It may be that they can lead to similar careers or that they appeal to similar personalities. They are grouped together based on lots of information such as how students may transfer from one program to another.

Why are Academic Clusters Important?

If you are unsure as to which exact program you want to begin, you can choose the General Studies program and select the Academic Cluster that is most aligned with your educational or career goals. Students in General Studies have varied interests. If you can indicate what general Academic Cluster you are interested in, you will be paired with an advisor who is familiar with that area and they can assist you in taking courses that allow you to transfer into a more specific program after your first semester. Additionally, the Academic Cluster will allow you to be paired with a First Year Experience course that is most relevant to your area of interest.

Does selecting an Academic Cluster force you to select a program in that Academic Cluster?

No. Part of the college experience is figuring out what you are interested in and these interests may change. General Studies is the most flexible degree that STCC offers. However, students are encouraged to select an area of study during the first semester to ensure that they are able to complete a specific degree in a timely manner. Students are always welcome to remain in General Studies which allows them to take a number of electives that can be one area or a variety of areas.

How do I find out more about each Academic Cluster?

Click the links below to learn about each of the Academic Clusters.