Emergency Guide

Crime In Progress

In the event that you are the victim of or witness a crime in progress, immediately:

  1. Call the STCC Police at 3911 from a College phone or 755-3911 from any other phone and provide the dispatcher with:
    • Your name
    • Your location
    • Your phone number
    • Details of the situation
  2. Get away from the suspect; do not attempt to confront the suspect.
  3. When it is safe to do so, provide the STCC Police with a clear description of the suspect/incident:
    • Height and weight
    • Gender
    • Hair color/length and presence of any facial hair
    • Race/complexion
    • Clothing description
    • Approximate age
    • Vehicle type, color, and plate (including state)
    • Direction of travel
  4. Follow all instructions of the responding STCC Police officer or other emergency personnel.
  5. Notify your supervisor/department head.