RAM ALERT is a mobile app that gives students, staff, and faculty on campus an effective way to communicate with STCC Police. With RAMALERT, you can use your phone as a personal security device to provide STCC Police with accurate information about you and your GPS location.

Your location and information is ONLY shared with STCC Police when you use the Emergency Options button or the Report Tips button within the app.

To download RAM ALERT, search “STCC RAM ALERT” in your phone’s native app store.

SafeWalk – a peer-to-peer feature

Walking home alone from studying late at the library? You can invite friends and family to temporarily follow your location on a real-time map. They will see you on the map as you walk to your destination and know when you get there safely. SafeWalkers can even chat directly within the app or summon emergency help. The session ends when you tap “stop” – no need to worry about racing home against a timer.

Are you worried about a friend? You can also request to follow their location and see him/her on a map.

Report Tips

See something suspicious on campus? Maybe someone stole your bike… Help keep your campus safe by sharing information about what is going on around you. With RAM ALERT, you can send tips about suspicious activity, mental health issues, theft, or other campus concerns directly to STCC Police. You can attach a picture, video, or audio.

Request a Campus Escort

Quickly and easily request a campus safety escort with the tap of a button. STCC Police have your back.

Emergency Options

Call to STCC Police. Your name and current location will be attached to the call enabling us to better assist you in an emergency situation.