Emergency Preparedness

Campus Evacuation Plan & Emergency Reference Guides

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

Vehicle and Pedestrian Emergency Evacuation from the STCC Campus

In the event of an emergency situation that necessitates the evacuation of the entire STCC campus, STCC will follow the official emergency evacuation plan. Any evacuation must be orderly and safe and yet still be as rapid as possible.  Assistance from other law enforcement agencies will be coordinated by the STCC Police Department to facilitate the vehicular and pedestrian departure from campus and surrounding roadways.

This plan is a living document and as such is subject to revisions as necessary. This plan is also a fluid plan. This means that any actual evacuation directives may change at a moment’s notice depending on the emergency circumstances. This may require that a route which is provided for in this plan may be shut down with little notice and all vehicles redirected to another route. Therefore it is critical that everyone leaving campus follow the directions given by the traffic control police officers and any directions issued through the RAVE STCC Alert Emergency Notification System.

Emergency Reference Guides

Bomb Threat 
Human Blood Spills
Chemical Spills
Inclement Weather
Crime In Progress 
Medical Emergency
Elevator Malfunction 
Motor Vehicle Accident
Evacuation Procedures 
Noxious Odor
Petroleum Spills
General Evacuation Procedures
Suspicious Package
Gunshot/Shot Fired
Utility Failure