Authority & Jurisdiction

The Springfield Technical Community College Police Department is a full-time, professional law enforcement agency that also provides a wide variety of public services, including emergency medical assistance, investigating suspicious circumstances, and responding to and investigating criminal matters. Patrols are conducted throughout the STCC campus and any STCC-controlled exterior locations twenty-four hours a day.

STCC police officers are required to complete a rigorous 16-week police academy prescribed the Massachusetts State Police. Every officer must also complete at least forty hours of in-service training, reviewing a number of subjects including legal updates, defensives tactics, and CPR and first-aid certifications. Officers receive specialized training courses offered by other police agencies, the Massachusetts Police Training Council and other professional organizations.

All STCC police officers are empowered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to enforce criminal law and to make arrests not only on the campus grounds but also in the area surrounding the college.

The STCC Police Department has an excellent record for arrest and prosecution of criminal offenders.