Mission & Values

"We, the members of the STCC Police Department, are a team of professionals committed to supporting a department philosophy that builds partnerships and empowers its STCC Community to work collectively in reducing crime and the fear of crime while improving the quality of life at STCC."

Our goals are to:

  • Organize strategies to reduce crime and the fear of crime and improve the perception of safety as well as the quality of life within the College community.
  • Facilitate collaborative efforts between police and the College community.
  • Stimulate, develop, and support the growth of College community organizations and operate as effective partners.
  • Empower people within the College community to improve existing conditions.
  • Integrate the core components of the community policing philosophy consistent with departmental policy.
  • Improve police services and provide accountability in order to establish social trust within the College community.
  • Create and nurture a departmental commitment to progress and objectivity.
  • Educate students, staff, and faculty within the College community on crime prevention and, overall, with methods to better protect themselves, their property, and their environment.