Meet the CCRT Team

I truly believe that by building an engaged and connected community, we can help break the cycle of violence. Cindy Breunig,
Project Director
Support and Advocacy for Everyone (SAFE) Project
Springfield Technical Community College
As Chief of Police for STCC and as a member of the CCRT, I believe that supporting victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking, is one of the most important responsibilities we have in our community. No victim should have to face these issues alone. Joe Rivera,
Chief of Police
(Project Supervisor, SAFE Grant)
Springfield Technical Community College
I care about this work because I’m committed to maintaining a safe, healthy, and supportive campus community. Darcey L. Kemp, MBA,
Vice President of Student Affairs
Springfield Technical Community College
Being part of an organization that empowers and supports individuals who have experienced all forms of domestic violence is an honor. My hope is that we can create a world without violence by eradicating the social stigmas that surrounds domestic violence. Dugana Celestin,
STCC – YWCA Campus Advocate
YWCA of Western Massachusetts
I joined the CCRT as a way to help folks during times of extreme vulnerability and/or risk. I want to do what I can to make the world a safe place for all. Elisabeth Cantor,
Academic Counselor
Academic Advising & Transfer Center
Springfield Technical Community College
When difficulties like domestic violence impact individual and family dynamics we as a community must be aware of the subtle cues that might indicate a need for help. Remembering those who have suffered from such hardship reminds us how impactful our ongoing work is. Lindsay DuBois, MSN, RN, CHSE,
Associate Professor of Nursing
School of Health & Patient Simulation
Springfield Technical Community College
This work is important to me because every person impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking deserves to feel supported and every person should be aware of the signs. Together we can make a difference. Amanda Dufault,
Staff Assistant
Academic Affairs
Springfield Technical Community College
Empowering victims of gender-based violence makes our whole society stronger. The only way forward is through compassion, thoughtful action, and community support. Erica W. Eynouf, MSLIS,
Dean of the Library
STCC Library
Springfield Technical Community College
I am one of the confidential resources on campus from whom students can seek support or advice, and I've dedicated my career to helping students successfully navigate the college experience and connect with the resources they need. Dave Forton,
Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)
Office of Disability Services
Springfield Technical Community College
It is OUR job as a community to break the cycle of Domestic Violence. Through education, love, and compassion, we can do this together. Sasha N. Jimenez,
Community Outreach Specialist
Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts
This team embodies a deep commitment to doing the right thing - supporting, educating and standing against domestic violence. That is a team I want to be part of. Kerri Kane, Director of Purchasing and Business Services
Springfield Technical Community College
I use my lawyering skills and navigate the judicial system with survivors as they reclaim their voices and rebuild their lives. Catherine Kay,
Senior Supervising Attorney
CLAVC Initiative Community Legal Aid
If we want to have a healthy, strong, and thriving community, then we need to unite and work together, protect each other, and support each other. José López-Figueroa,
Center for Access Services
Springfield Technical Community College
As an engaged member of the CCRT, I'm able to help support & empower survivors through difficult times, not just the legal system. Jason Lariviere,
Springfield Technical Community College
Domestic Violence work is so important because it touches the lives of so many in our community. Through your family, friends, or work, someone has been touched. It is our responsibility as community partners to educate and prevent these traumatic relationships. Rachael Mahoney,
Domestic and Sexual Violence Unit Coordinator
Hampden County District Attorney's Office
As an institution, focused on supporting faculty, staff and students, the campus community should feel safe and supported throughout their time at Springfield Technical Community College. The CCRT team is the driving focus behind institutional prevention and campus response. It only seemed appropriate to invest my time, effort, and commitment to this vital campus initiative. Jennifer McNeill Ed.D., Admissions Counselor
Springfield Technical Community College
I am committed to the comprehensive approach that the CCRT takes to reduce sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking through prevention, education, and responsive support. Together, we can create a safe and welcoming environment where our students and employees will succeed and thrive. Kathryn C. Senie, J.D., Ed.D, Director of Compliance,
Affirmative Action Officer, Title IX Coordinator, and ADA Coordinator
I am professionally and personally committed to helping people find safety, freedom, and comfort with exactly who they are. My hope is that they build relationships that reflect these qualities. Tina Simmons,
Sexual and Domestic Violence Victims Unit
Hampden County DA
I am a member of CCRT to be able to advocate for others. This is important work and I am proud to be a part of it. Kiyota Woods,
Dean of Student Initiatives
Academic Advising & Transfer Center
Springfield Technical Community College