STCC Acceptable Payment Arrangements

Payment In Full

Students can pay their entire balance in full though STCCNet (The Campuswide Portal) or at Student Financial Services. If a student registers for additional credits after their initial payment in full, they must pay for those credits. Partial payments are not considered an acceptable payment arrangement and will not save a student's schedule from being deleted. Please note: When paying with credit/debit card there is a 2.4% (minimum $1.00) non-refundable service fee.

Completed Financial Aid File (Fall and Spring Students only):

Students who may have not been awarded financial aid must have a completed financial aid file to be considered as having payment arrangements. If a student's file is reviewed and becomes incomplete prior to the start of classes, the student must complete their file again or make a different STCC Acceptable Payment Arrangement. Students will be notified of their file becoming incomplete by mail or by STCC e-mail. In addition, if students don't agree to take a loan they will not be considered to have a complete file.

Financial Aid

Pending Financial Aid is considered to be an STCC acceptable payment arrangement. Students who are awarded financial aid can view and compare their awarded amount to their bill amount by logging into STCCNet (The Campuswide Portal) and clicking on "View My Bill/Financial Aid or Make a Payment" under Financial Information.

Please Note: If the student's aid is not enough to cover their balance, the student is responsible to pay the remaining balance.  In addition, if a student is not making satisfactory academic progress they could lose their eligibility for their pending aid and they will need to make a different STCC Acceptable Payment Arrangement.

Payment Plan

Assisting our students in meeting their financial obligations is one of our top priorities. STCC provides a monthly payment plan through Nelnet Business Solutions. Students can enroll in this interest-free monthly payment plan by logging in to their STCCNet account (The Campuswide Portal) and clicking on "Payment Plan" under the How Do I Pay My Bill section.

Please Note:

  • Payment Plans are not considered an acceptable payment arrangement for the winter session.
  • A $35 enrollment fee will be required to signup for the Nelnet payment plan
  • Students Signing up for our Nelnet Payment Plan by credit and debit card will be assessed a non-refundable 2.5% service fee. This service fee is charged by Nelnet.

Third Party Billing/Outside Scholarships

Springfield Technical Community College accepts payments from a "Third Party". Students must submit a letter or voucher from the third party indicating the amount that will be paid and contact information.  All payments will be due within 30 days from the time the College bills the third party. 

Please Note:

  • Students are ultimately responsible for any tuition and fees not covered by the Third Party.
  • All letters and vouchers must be submitted on company letterhead informing the College of an outside scholarship for which you have qualified. The letter must include the amount of the scholarship, an address to send the invoice, a contact name, and phone number. If the scholarship does not cover the entire cost of your bill, you must pay for the remaining balance.
  • If a third party is paying for your tuition and fees, there cannot be any restrictions on payments such as grades, number of credits, etc.

Veteran's Affairs and Military Benefits

All new students eligible to receive V.A. benefits must contact the Office of Veterans' Affairs after receiving their acceptance letters and registering for classes. All returning students receiving V.A. benefits must contact the Veterans' Affairs Office after pre-registration for the upcoming semester. Please go to the veterans page for detailed information on these benefits. For questions regarding Veteran's Benefits please contact the Center for Student Veterans and Service Members at (413) 755-5343 or

Any student receiving Chapter 31 (VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Services) or Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill®) benefits will not be charged a late fee while STCC is waiting to receive any V.A. related payments as long as payment is received within 90 days of the date certified by the V.A. or the payment from the V.A. is made to the institution within the timeframe. 

Senior Citizen Tuition/Fee Exemption and Waiver Program

There is no charge for tuition and fees for a Massachusetts resident over the age of 60 for attending STCC, during traditional Fall or Spring semesters (credit bearing classes);(D Section CLASSES ONLY), provided the College is not over-enrolled.  Tuition only will be exempt if the credit bearing classes attended are through Continuing Education (E Section CLASSES).  Students wishing to take advantage of these exemptions will be required to provide documentation (such as a driver's license) showing proof of age and residence in Massachusetts prior to the start of each semester.  In addition, the tuition and fee waiver program applies only to seniors enrolled in a degree granting program.  The student must also be making satisfactory academic progress and is not in default of any student loans.  The tuition and fee waiver program does not apply to non-credit courses. 

Senior Auditing

A Massachusetts resident over the age of 60 wishing to audit day classes and have the tuition and fees paid for, may only request to audit 8 CREDITS per semester (Fall and Spring semesters only).