Bookstore Vouchers & Allowances

Bookstore Vouchers are typically applied to a student's ID number within two weeks of classes starting. The amounts are based on the anticipated excess financial aid funds that are not needed to cover a student's bill. Enrollment status and financial aid file completion date impact eligibility and the amount of the Book Voucher.

Student must have their Student ID number in order to use his or her book voucher. Books are available to order online through the STCC Bookstore. No other person can purchase books on the student's behalf.

Students who are eligible to waive their health insurance should go onto STCCNet (The Campuswide Portal) to waive it as soon as possible. Failure to waive health insurance in a timely manner will result in a higher bill amount which may delay a Book Voucher from being issued. If a student waives their health insurance after they receive their Book Voucher, they can contact Student Financial Services to determine if they are eligible for an increase.

Book Allowances are applied to student's ID number who have completed the Financial Aid file and have registered for at least 6 credits. Due to the exact amounts of Financial Aid not having been awarded, Book Allowances are issued for a set dollar amount that cannot be increased.