Pending Financial Aid

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Pending financial aid is aid that has been awarded but has not been disbursed. You should compare your financial aid award to your bill to ensure you have enough to cover your outstanding balance. Remember, financial aid is awarded based on a full-time schedule (12+ credits). If you are registered for less than 12 credits, your aid will be adjusted at time of disbursement. Different types of aid have different credit requirements, click here to view. Financial Aid is disbursed after the semester has started and attendance has been verified.

If you have a student loan, you must complete the loan acceptance process before it can be disbursed. You will be notified by mail and STCC email about your next steps.

If you have financial aid remaining after subtracting your bill, you may use these funds to buy your books and supplies in the form of a voucher (on your Ram Card), at the campus bookstore during specific dates. Click here for more information on Book Store Vouchers/Allowances.