Billing Information

Students must make a STCC Acceptable Payment Arrangement by the billing due date, if they register after the billing due date they must make a STCC Acceptable Payment Arrangement at the time of registration. Student who fail to make a STCC Acceptable Payment Arrangement are subject to having their schedule deleted at any time.

Upcoming Semesters:

  • Bills for the Winter 2017 & Spring 2018 Semesters are due by December 6, 2017 or at time of registration.

Past Semesters:

  • Bills for the Fall 2017 Semester were due by July 19,2017 or at time of registration.
  • Bills for the Summer 2017 Semester were due by May 3,2017or at time of registration.

Please Note: Students with a balance that remains unpaid at the end of the semester will have their account placed with a collection agency and collection costs will be added to their outstanding balance. In addition these accounts will be placed with the Massachusetts State Tax Intercept Program in which an additional Commonwealth fee will be charged.

Other Important Billing Information