Financial Aid Programs

Federal Aid

Pell Grant

Pell grant is a federal entitlement grant based on student's need which is determined by the Student Aid Index (SAI). The Pell grant can be received for a lifetime maximum of twelve (12) full time terms. Students are awarded based on full-time status (12+ credits).  Dropping below 12 credits will result in a decrease in Pell grant eligibility. In some cases, enrollment decreases can result in a total loss of this grant.

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

Must be registered for at least 9 credits. This grant is awarded to students with the greatest need. The minimum award offered is $100 per semester.  Funding is limited to federal allocation.

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program allows students to earn money while attending college and provides valuable work experience. The hourly rate varies depending on the type of work you do and your skill level. You may work between 10 - 12 hours per week and you cannot earn more than your maximum FWS award. Work-study students must be registered for at least six credits. For more information as well as a list of available positions please see the Federal Work-Study page.

Federal Direct Student Loan

Must be registered for at least 6 credits.  This low interest loan has to be repaid beginning 6 months after you complete your program, stop attending, or drop below 6 credits. 

Student Financial Services limits the amount of student loans offered in order to avoid having a large debt upon graduation.  If you find your financial aid award package does not cover your educational costs, please contact Student Financial Services to review your expenses and see if you qualify for a student loan or an increase in your current loan. Information on Parent PLUS Loans and Alternative Loans are available in Student Financial Services.

State Aid

You must be a state resident in order to be eligible for state aid. A resident is someone who lived in Massachusetts for at least one year prior to the first day of the academic year and will continue to live in the state for the academic year. If you are a dependent student your parents must meet the same residency requirements. In order to receive state aid, you must meet all federal eligibility requirements. For Mass Grant, you must be enrolled in at least 12 credits, for all other programs, you must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits.


Students must be Pell-eligible and enrolled full-time (12+ credits). This grant is subject to additional eligibility checks by the state. Students that have already received this award for 4 semesters are no longer eligible at a two year college. Once the state reviews your status, they will send you a tentative letter of award but Student Financial Services must certify your eligibility and verify enrollment.

Part-Time Grant

Students eligible for the MASSGrant who drop below full-time, may be eligible for this grant. You must be enrolled between 6 and 11 credits in order to be eligible for this grant. You must be Pell eligible to receive this award. Funding is limited to state allocation.

Massachusetts Cash Grant

This award cannot exceed the combined costs for tuition and fees. Funding is limited to state allocation.

Tuition Waiver

This waiver of tuition (not fees) can be used toward day classes only; evening, weekend, and distance classes are not eligible. You cannot receive more than one waiver each semester and the value of the waiver cannot exceed the maximum tuition charges. Funding is limited to state allocation.

John and Abigail Adams Scholarship

A student's eligibility will be determined by the appropriate state agencies. Recipients will be notified of eligibility and must submit that documentation to Student Financial Services. A student must enroll full-time within 6 years of high school graduation and maintain a 3.0 GPA. This award is a waiver of tuition for day classes only.

Foster Child Grant Program

Students must be placed in the custody of Social Services through a Care and Protection petition, not be over the age of 24 and have signed a voluntary agreement with the Department of Social Services establishing terms and conditions for receiving such aid.

Paraprofessional Teacher Preparation Grant Program

Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program (full-time or part-time) leading to teacher certification in a Massachusetts Public College and be employed for a minimum of two years as a paraprofessional in a Massachusetts public school.

Connecticut residents can determine what type of state aid they may be eligible for by visiting the Connecticut Office of Higher Education website. Other non-Massachusetts residents should check with their local state agencies for their state aid eligibility.

Student Financial Services will adjust your financial aid award due to changes in your eligibility or changes in your enrollment. We reserve the right to cancel aid awarded if you should subsequently become ineligible because of financial misrepresentation or other reasons specified by federal regulations.

Community College Nursing Scholarship Program

Students must be enrolled in an approved certificate or associate degree program in the nursing profession.  The Community College Nursing Scholarship Program provides “last dollar” financial assistance to ensure that all eligible students have adequate resources to cover the direct costs of tuition, fees and books towards a certificate or associate degree. For a full list of requirements and to apply please see the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education website.

Other Scholarships and Grants

Foundation Scholarships

The STCC Foundation offers a variety of scholarship opportunities and can help suggest scholarships based on your general application.

Early Childhood Career Pathways Grant

The Early Childhood Career Pathways Grant at STCC provides free coursework and support to help early educators advance their certifications and degree attainment.