Tuition & Fees

Explanation of Fees

Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change at any time with approval by the Board of Higher Education and/or Board of Trustees of the college.

The General Education Fee replaces several other fees that were in existence in prior years. This is a variable fee based on the number of credits and the revenue is used to support the College’s Health Services, Library, Graduation Services, Academic Programs, as well as General College Operations and Services.

The Capital Improvement Fee will enable STCC to make improvements to our campus which will benefit students. This is a variable fee based on the number of credits.

The Information Technology Fee will allow the College to continue to offer students access to state-of-the-art computer hardware, software and other educational technology.

The Student Service fee will be used to fund student activities, athletics, and admissions requirements that have been mandated by the Patriot Act of 2001.

Tuition & Fee Tables

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The College will not be offering in-state tuition rates to out-of-state students starting in winter 2020 and spring 2021 for any courses. Students with reciprocal residency status will pay $37.50 per credit for all courses. Out-of-state tuition rates are $242 per credit.

Miscellaneous Fees

Student Health Insurance is required for all on-campus students enrolled in 9 or more credits and in a certificate, diploma, or degree-granting program. Please see the semester billing charts above for the cost of insurance.

Fee Cost
Allied Health and Nursing Programs Fee (per semester) $840*
Allied Health, Nursing, HIT internship, Health Sciences, HSC-146, HSC-156, HSC-185, and PSY-260 students will be billed an additional fee for liability insurance $18
Health Sciences course fee (HSC-110, HSC-125, HSC-141, HSC-146, HSC-150, HSC-151, HSC-161, HSC-175, and HSC-180) $225**
PSY-260 Field Practicum course fee $200
Payment Plan Fee

Springfield Technical Community College offers students a payment plan as an option for paying their tuition and fee expenses for the summer, fall and spring semesters (not available for winter semester).   Please see the Payment Options section for additional information.
STEM Program Fee - 6 Credits or More (effective Spring 2024) $100
Additional fees for uniforms are required in most School of Health & Patient Simulation departments and in the School of Nursing. Clinical Lab Science students are requested to join the professional organization. Some departments have additional required costs. For more specific information, please contact the Allied Health Office.  

*Starting Fall 2020 the School of Health & Patient Simulation and Nursing program fee has increased to $840 from $600.
*Starting Fall 2019 the School of Health & Patient Simulation and Nursing program fee has increased to $600 from $525.

**Starting Fall 2019 the School of Health & Patient Simulation course fee has increased to $225 from $200.

Service Fee on Credit & Debit Cards

Students paying for tuition, fees, and related charges by credit/debit card will be assessed a non-refundable 2.65% service fee with a $1 minimum fee. This service fee is charged by our credit/debit card processor.

Students paying with an electronic check are charged a service fee of $0.75 per transaction. The service fee is charged by our web processor.

Students Signing up for our Nelnet Payment Plan by credit and debit card will be assessed a non-refundable 2.5% service fee. This service fee is charged by Nelnet.

Although students paying with credit cards will be charged a service fee, STCC offers many fee-free alternatives. These payment options include cash, checks, and money orders. Please see the below list of important changes.

Other Important Information