STCC Student Success Plan

Welcome to the STCC 2015-2020 Student Success Plan: A Strategic View. This plan will be our blueprint for improving student success outcomes for the next five years at Springfield Technical Community College. The plan is a reflection of the stories, concerns, and strategic action recommendations shared by students, faculty, staff, advisory board members, local employers, alumni, and our Board of Trustees.

In the Student Success Plan you will find:

  • Our mission – The success of our students depends on our support as they go about
    transforming their lives.
  • Our goals – These define our aspirations to achieve our mission of supporting our students’
  • Issues – These are topics or problems to address in order to achieve our goals. For each issue,
    there are a series of actions we can take to address them.

Where did the mission, goals, and issues come from? They came from the STCC community. Over the course of a year, the STCC Planning Committee worked with the college community to learn about what we as a College are doing well and about our most pressing concerns. You also shared with us your best ideas for addressing these issues and how you would like to take action to improve our students’ success.

The STCC 2015-2020 Student Success Plan: A Strategic View reflects our collective work as the STCC community.