A Difficult Time; An Ethic of Care

To the STCC Community:

The past months were already an unprecedented time as we saw COVID-19 disproportionately ravage communities of color. This past week, with the senseless murder of George Floyd, we witness legitimate and authentic anguish and frustration from longstanding and systemic racism. The college continues to support true policy reforms that bring justice, ensure human rights, and address criminal justice inequities. The necessity for peaceful protest has the respect of Springfield Technical Community College.

We hear the questions and concerns, and we see the worry and deep uncertainty. Allow us to express our gratitude for your resolve and courage during these incredibly difficult times. We know community colleges are specific in that our existence helps to ameliorate educational racism, which has, and continues to limit, where students attend college. Our mission, and care of our students, also remains a work in progress. We must continue to move forward actions that address our own equity gaps, and measure our success at addressing systemic racism. 

There is indeed work to do living our vision as an institution that is a dynamic, multicultural learning community. We continue listening and responding to our communities’ need for educational access and affordability; we continue pushing at barriers that impact retention and graduation rates for our students of color; and we continue pulling down walls that limit African American and Latinx student participation in our unique and valuable Health and STEM programs. This is our ethic of care; this is our work helping students transform their lives.