Past Gallery Exhibitions

Fall 2017

Holtje Image

Joanne Holtje
Recent Work: Paintings and Works on Paper
Tuesday, September 12, 2017-Friday, October 6, 2017
Artist Reception: Tuesday, Sept 26, 10am-11:30am
Special Master Class/Studio Visit: Saturday, Sept 23

This collection of paintings and works on paper by Belchertown artist Joanne Holtje, produced over the past five years, exemplifies a wide range of media, content and scale by the artist.  Holtje’s work celebrates the physicality of paint, with an exuberant use of color and expressive mark-making. Her paintings frequently reference the landscape, some more literally than others at times, which she credits to a youth spent wandering in the woods and fields, along rivers and lakes, drinking in the full sensory experience of being in and of the natural world. She received her BA from Tufts University, and since 2006, she has exhibited in local, regional and national shows including the Massachusetts Artists Biennial, The Fitchburg Art Museum, and the Danforth Museum. Holtje has been a member of Oxbow Gallery, Northampton since 2014 and her work appears in the book, Creating Abstract Art by Dean Nimmer.

Spring 2017

STCC Creates

STCC Creates Photo 1

Whether an artist attempts to affect social change, express a personal thought or feeling, or tell a story, the creative work found in this exhibit exemplifies the diversity found in all the many creators presented. In honor of STCC’s 50th anniversary, the Amy H. Carberry Fine Arts Gallery celebrates the creative spirit found in the people who work here at STCC, where we are all creative.

STCC Creates Photo 2

Art is universal. Art is everywhere. We are all artists, and we are all creative. This belief is at the foundation of this unique exhibition. The criteria for STCC Creates is purposefully open and inclusive: any faculty or staff, whether professional artist or amateur, was invited to submit artwork in any medium.

I want to especially thank all the individuals listed below whose work you see in this gallery exhibition for sharing their creative work. In some cases, the artwork is very personal and was not originally intended for public display, while other work has been exhibited in galleries around the globe. Their willingness to share their artwork in this forum made this unique exhibit possible. Thank you.

  • Kathleen Andrews, Professor of English, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science,
    Poems and Calligraphy
  • Kris Kozuch, Director, Disability Services,
    Digital Photography
  • William Garvey, Coordinator of SIMS Medical, Health and Patient Simulation
    Celtic-themed Mosaic Wall Hangings
  • Alexis Greenblatt, Literary Specialist, Adult Basic Education
    Handmade Greeting Cards
  • Mary Moriarty-Copeland, Staff Assistant to Dean, Student Affairs Office
  • Mayre Sullivan, Technical Services Assistant, Library
  • Roberta Albano, Professor, Dental Assistant
  • Joan Nadaeu, Senior Director, Human Resources & Employee Benefits and Operations Center
  • William Halloran, Assistant Professor, Energy Systems, School of Engineering Technologies, and Math
    Wildcat O'Halloran Band Live at the Zorba Room
  • Theresa Berard, Adjunct Professor, World Languages/Italian, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science
  • Sondra Peron, Adjunct Professor of Photography;Gallery Coordinator, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science
  • Susan Barocas, Adjunct Professor, School of Engineering Technologies, and Math
  • Frances Riddle, Assistant Professor of Art & Dept Chair, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science
    Mixed Media Contour Drawing
  • David Hosmer, Adjunct Professor of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering Technologies, and Math
    Digital Photography
  • Robert Dickerman, Dean, School of Engineering Technologies, and Math
    Wood Furniture
  • Susan Dion, Professional Tutor, Student Success Center
    Paintings and Mixed Media Drawings
  • Sandra Howell, Adjunct Professor, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science
  • Jaime Herrick, Chemical Hygiene Officer, Police Department
    Press Flower Designs
  • Anne Bonemery, Dean, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science
    Painted Glassware and Wood
  • Jesse Connor, Adjunct Professor, Fine Art, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science

STCC Creates Photo 3

$3YM@UR featured in black history month exhibit at Amy H. Carberry Fine Arts Gallery, B28

Springfield-born Marlon Seymour, also known as $3YM@UR, will be the featured solo artist during a special black history month exhibition entitled, “Gentrification,” at STCC’s Amy H. Carberry Fine Arts, located in B28.

The exhibit will run through Friday, Feb. 24, with three special events: a reception for the STCC community scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 16 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and a special master class for fine arts students on February 21, and an evening reception and closing celebration on Thursday, Feb. 23 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend and meet the artist.

Black History Month Image 1

“Gentrification,” highlights $3YM@UR’s diversity of artistic exploration with 12 very large, colorful paintings made up of richly abundant saturated colors and vivid faces. Growing up in poverty, Seymour had little resources for fun between caring for his siblings and helping around the house. Originating as a hobby, and inspired by life’s lessons, painting was a way of escaping from the stress of everyday life.

Black History Month Image 2

Born Marlon Seymour in Springfield, MA in 1978, he lost his mother at an early age and was adopted by his aunt. In 9th grade, he began hanging out in the streets. Seymour managed to refrain from a stereotypical lifestyle of a black man growing up in a bad environment by turning to music and painting. Today, a devoted father and abstract artist, Seymour is a man obsessed with his work and fixated by art. Self taught and still unveiling his true potential, he has painted over 700 works of art.

SPECIAL THANKS TO:Vonetta Lightfoot of Multicultural Affairs and the Black Professional Group of STCC); Rosemary Tracy Woods of the Art of the Soul Gallery in Springfield; and STCC’s School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences for all their support for the arts at STCC.

Black History Month Image 3