Diversity Matters at STCC

Diversity Matters LogoSTCC is proud to be an inclusive and diverse institution of access. We are unique given our status as both a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) and a technical community college.

We are committed to our institutional core values of integrity, respect, and a student-centered approach as well as fostering an environment that promotes truth, creating an inclusive environment for all, and providing a diverse educational experience that promotes personal and professional growth.

Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)

STCC is honored to be designated a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). To be eligible, the population of full-time equivalent students who are Hispanic must be 25% or greater. At the time of our designation (2015), STCC was one of just three colleges in the state to be named a Hispanic Serving Institution.

Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) at Springfield Technical Community College is committed to meeting the needs of all students from underrepresented student populations. Multicultural Affairs provides educational programming which includes:

  • Student and community engagement
  • Cultural activities
  • Academic support and retention of students

Multicultural Affairs supports the College’s commitment to building a diverse and inclusive climate on campus while creating an environment that is both safe and welcoming for all students to be successful. Programs offered through the Office of Multicultural Affairs include:

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Student Resources

Student Clubs and Organizations

STCC is home to dozens of exciting student clubs and organizations, including:

  • Black & Hispanic Women’s Association
  • Black Student Association
  • Christian Fellowship Club
  • G.L.B.T. Alliance
  • International Club
  • LLAVE Club (Hispanic Association)
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Veterans Club

Female Initiative for Leadership and Education (LEAD)

The LEAD program is designed to provide female students with the opportunity to take a leading role in their education. To provide more community/civic engagement opportunities and help develop a strong network. Along with promoting self-awareness, self-love, and confidence, student participants will connect with professionals that will serve as mentors during their educational career. The mentoring model will consist of both 1.1 and group mentoring sessions.

Male Initiative for Leadership and Education (MILE)

The MILE program is designed to provide inclusive academic support, mentoring, and community engagement opportunities to Black and Latino male students at STCC.

Employee Resources

Anti-Racism and Inclusion Alliance

The Anti-racism and Inclusion Alliance aims to build on our identity as a “Peoples College” and the only career and technical community college leader in the State of Massachusetts, to strive towards strengthening our commitment to the racial, cultural experiences within our community and institution.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Employee Resource Groups bring employees of shared identities together to create havens of belonging and a sense of community for underrepresented employees. STCC is home to the Black Professionals Group, Hispanic Association in Higher Education (HAHE), and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQIA+) Group.

Office of Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) strives to foster partnerships with faculty, staff, and students, promote disability awareness throughout the campus community, and provide guidance regarding college policies and procedures pertaining to the rights and privileges of persons with disabilities.

Heritage Celebrations

STCC honors many heritage months and celebrations each year and hosts a diversity of activities and events in celebration.

Faculty seeking to incorporate cultural heritage months into their curriculum can find support through the Inclusivity in Instruction webpage.

Religious Holidays

STCC recognizes and celebrates the rich religious diversity of our campus and greater community. For the educational benefit of our community and those coordinating events, we are in the process of creating a list of religious holidays with recommended accommodations.

Library Guide on Systemic Racism and Injustice

The Library's Systemic Racism and Injustice Guide includes resources that can be accessed via the library such as ebooks, books, films, videos, articles, data and statistics as well as information about how to become active in local social justice activists groups and civic action next steps.

A Commitment Against Hatred

In moments of adversity and crisis, it is necessary to reaffirm our anti-racist values and stand against hatred. For a deeper understanding of our institutional values and our stance against hatred, please see the following statements.

Local History

The "Our Plural History" website is an examination of the idea of pluralism in our local Springfield area history. The website focuses on first peoples, slavery, and immigration, and in the Connecticut River Valley of western Massachusetts.