Emergency Guide

Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation of your building for reasons other than a fire or alarm may be necessary (e.g., loss of power, gas or water main breaks, odors, etc.).  Fire alarms may be used to evacuate the building.

Know your building in advance:

  1. Know the nearest exit.
  2. Know two ways out of the building.
  3. Know the sound of the evacuation alarm.
  4. During an extended evacuation, you may be instructed by emergency personnel to report to a designated short-term emergency evacuation center (i.e. Building 2 Theater or Gym, or the College Green).  Members of area Critical Incident Response Teams, STCC Police Officers, or a building coordinator will arrive at the center to act as communications liaison.

When you either hear a fire alarm or are instructed to evacuate:

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Leave promptly using the nearest exit.
  3. Alert other persons on your way out.
  4. Take keys and essential personal items.
  5. Shut/lock doors behind you as you leave (i.e. office/department doors).
  6. Do not use elevators.
  7. Meet at the designated meeting location and account for your personnel.