Emergency Guide - Fire/Smoke

How to Report a Fire:

  1. If fire or smoke is seen, leave the area immediately and pull the fire alarm as you evacuate the building.
  2. Alert other persons on your way out and close all doors behind you to confine the fire (see evacuation procedures).
  3. Do NOT use elevators.
  4. After evacuating, call the police at 911 to report the fire and give the following information:
    • Building name
    • Floor/area of fire/smoke
    • Any details of the fire
  5. If you have specific information, notify the STCC Police officers or firefighters as they arrive on the scene.

Audible Fire Alarms Response:

  1. When the fire alarm sounds, all persons are to evacuate the building.
  2. Do not use elevators.
  3. Shut/lock doors behind you as you leave.
  4. Take keys and essential personal items.
  5. If instructed to evacuate, move at least 500 feet away from the area (take your keys and personal belongings with you) and await further instructions from emergency personnel.
  6. Do not re-enter building until instructed by emergency personnel.