Emergency Guide
Suspicious Package

A suspicious package is any item found under suspicious conditions or has unusual characteristics including mailed parcels or letters. EXAMPLES:

  1. The unattended object is found in a place that a reasonable person feels may be a threat to public safety.
  2. The owner/person with the item cannot identify it, denies ownership, and/or possession.
  3.  Abandoned items found during a bomb threat.

If you observe a suspicious or unattended item (e.g., package, bag, etc.):

  1. Remain calm. DO NOT TOUCH the item.
  2.  Calmly leave the area - at least 300 feet from the item.

REPORT the suspicious item to the police: call 911

Remain available to provide information to emergency responders.

MAILED ITEMS (e.g., letter or package) may appear suspicious if it has some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Excessive postage
  • Handwritten or poorly typed address labels
  • Incorrect/ Improper titles
  • Title: absent a name
  • Lopsided, uneven, or bulky packaging
  • Excessive weight given the size of package
  • Misspellings
  • Oily stains / strange odor
  • No return address / Postmark city different from return city address
  • Leaking powders / sloshing sound
  • Excessive exterior security (tape, string, etc.)
  • Marked with restrictive endorsements, such as Personal or Confidential
  • Protruding wires

If you receive a suspicious package or letter:

  • DO NOT open the letter or parcel. DO NOT touch or move the item. Disturb it as little as possible. Avoid creating air currents. Move away from the immediate area, and keep others out.
  • IMMEDIATELY REPORT the suspicious item to the police at 911.
  • NOTE: Tell the STCC Police if anyone is complaining of trouble breathing, headaches, or any similar type of symptoms.
  • If you touched the item, avoid touching your face or mouth. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water. Inform emergency personnel of any contact you had with the item.
  • Turn off any fans, air conditioners or heaters. Notify the Building Coordinator to shut down the building ventilation system.