Parking and Transportation Expectations

What can I expect from the staff?

STCC's Parking and Transportation staff strive to provide helpful service to students and employees. We work hard to move thousands of students and vehicles to, from, and around campus every day. While we do our best to be pleasant, SAFETY and ORDER are our main objectives. If we don't smile every minute, it only means we are very focused on safety and order!

Whether you park in a student parking lot, ride the shuttle bus or get dropped off by a friend or relative on campus, you will likely interact with a staff member of the Parking and Transportation Department.

Our staff will direct you to a parking space, will drive you between campus and the student lots in a shuttle bus, or will point your family member or friend who drops you off or picks you up to the correct location on campus.

Our staff will also prevent you from parking on campus in violation of the rules by directing you to the correct parking location. Please comply.

What is expected of me?

Students and their drivers are expected to follow the directions given to them by all Parking and Transportation staff.

Students and drivers are expected to conduct themselves civilly.

The Parking and Transportation staff has direct radio contact with the STCC Police Department and will summons a police officer to respond if any person becomes disorderly, disruptive, or refuses to follow directions. The STCC Police Officers will take any and all appropriate action.

Compliments, Complaints, or Suggestions

Please email if you would like to tell us how great one of our staff members is, how we let you down, or if you just want to share a suggestion.