Student Complaints

Complaint Procedure for Out-of-State Students from SARA Member States

Springfield Technical Community College is required to provide current and prospective online learning students with contact information for filing complaints. Students who desire to resolve a grievance should follow the College’s Student Grievance Procedure as outlined in the Massachusetts Community College System Student Code of Conduct.

If an out-of-state student from a SARA member state is not satisfied with the outcome of this process, they may appeal to the Massachusetts SARA portal agency. Complaints involving allegations of fraud and false or misleading information may also be filed with the Massachusetts portal agency.

The SARA portal agency in the student’s state of residence will be notified of any complaint filed with the Massachusetts portal agency. The student’s home state may assist the Massachusetts portal agency as needed. The complaint resolution by the Massachusetts portal agency is final and cannot be appealed to another state or federal agency or to NC-SARA.

Massachusetts Residents’ Complaint Procedure

If a Massachusetts residents’ complaint is not resolved at the institutional level of a Massachusetts college or university, a complaint can be initiated with the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. For additional information, please go to the DHE’s in-state Student Complaint process.