Coach's Message

To the prospective student-athlete from Coach Guczek,

If you are truly passionate about the game of basketball and you want to play on the collegiate level, take a look at Springfield Technical Community College as a viable option. STCC Women’s Basketball has become a highly competitive basketball program coming out of the birthplace of basketball in Springfield MA. Our philosophy is to develop our players to meet the challenges of college both on the court and off. We give college student-athletes the opportunity to play meaningful minutes while working towards their degree or towards transferring to a four-year institution.

So why choose STCC?

  1. As part of the STCC Women’s Basketball program you will have the opportunity to receive collegiate coaching to help build your game for this and the next level.
  2. Playing for STCC, you will be part of an organized program that offers incoming student-athletes the opportunity to contribute immediately.
  3. STCC Women’s Basketball attracts prospective student-athletes from across the country and internationally.
  4. Tuition at STCC is significantly much more affordable than many four-year institutions and credits earned at STCC are often transferable.
  5. STCC is a highly respected educational institution ranked as the number four community college in the country.
  6. Many STCC alumni have continued their basketball careers at other levels, including NCAA DII and DIII.
  7. I am connected to a network of over 700 four-year college basketball programs and will work hard to help graduates and transfers continue their college basketball career after STCC.

As you can see, there is a lot of value to our school and our basketball program. If you’re truly interested in want to learn more feel free to contact me directly, my phone number is 413-244-2579 or email me at

Coach Ed Guczek
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Springfield Technical Community College