Parking Rules, Regulations and Tickets

Does STCC issue parking tickets for violations?

Yes. STCC Police Officers issue parking tickets to any vehicles parked illegally or in violation of STCC parking rules. The rules are strictly enforced.

What are my options if my vehicle receives a ticket?

You can pay the ticket or appeal the ticket.

Payment is made to the College through Student Accounts. No payments can be received at the STCC Police Department.

How do I appeal a ticket?

Download a Parking Ticket Appeal Form or obtain a form from the STCC Police station located in Building 9, or the Parking Office in Building 19. Please follow the instructions on the appeal form.

Those wishing to appeal their citation must do so within 7 days of receiving the citation. Payments must be made within 21 days of receipt or the violation may be subject to additional penalties up to $35.

I am a student. What happens if I do not pay my parking fines?

If you do not pay parking tickets, the ticket fee will be placed on your Student Account. You will NOT be able to register for classes again until the ticket is paid.

After a vehicle has received 3 parking tickets it is subject to being towed. This applies even if all parking tickets have been paid.

Below is the schedule of fines:

  • Meter violation -- $10
  • Within intersection -- $10
  • On sidewalk -- $10
  • On crosswalk -- $10
  • Reserved parking -- $10
  • Prohibited zone -- $10
  • Parking in a controlled area without displaying a proper permit -- $10
  • Failure to park within lines -- $10
  • Decal not displayed properly on vehicle -- $10
  • Parking within designated fire lane -- $10
  • Blocking handicapped access -- $20
  • Wrong way on a one way street -- $25
  • Parking in a designated handicap area -- $100
  • Failure to stop for Police officer -- $50
  • Fraudulent parking decal -- $100
  • Operating in a negligent, unsafe or dangerous manner -- $50
  • Impending traffic flow -- $25
  • Standing or parking in a vehicle to drop off or pick-up passengers -- $10
  • Other - $