Password Manager

One STCC Account is used to log onto STCCNet, Email, WebAdvisor, Blackboard, STCC computers, and release items at printers.

New students receive an email with an STCC Account username and password. These credentials are used to enroll in Password Manager. 

Returning students use their existing STCC (WebAdvisor) username and password to enroll in Password Manager

If you do not know your username and password please complete the Password Reset Request Form at the bottom of this page.

Password Manager

Password Manager gives you the power to change your STCC Account password anytime. 

Password Manager Directions

STCC Password manager gives you the power to change your password anytime. One password will be used for WebAdvisor, STCCNet Portal, Email, and Blackboard. To use Password Manager please follow the steps below to enroll.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using the STCC Account credentials you were provided to enroll (example username: ABSmith2001).screenshot of password manager dashboard
    1. Returning students can use their existing STCC Account to enroll.
    2. New students will be prompted to change the initial password. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long, contain a capital letter, lowercase letter, and a number.screenshot of change password window
    3. Invalid login? Please go to the Student Help Desk Support Form one last time and complete the form for a manual password reset. Once you have access, you should be able to come back here and enroll in STCC password manager.
  3. Verify your Account. There are three ways to verify your account. Please input at least one method, but more is recommended. The three methods are Security Questions & Answers, Email Verification, and SMS Verification (text).
    1. Select and answer two security questionsscreenshot of security questions
    2. Enter a personal Email, not your STCC email. Check your personal email for the code from of email verification window
    3. Enter your cell phone number. Look for a text with the code.screenshot of SMS verification window
    4. Upon completion, a success message appears.

screenshot of password manager dashboard

Self Update: You have access to keep your email and cell phone number up to date in STCC password manager. Follow the prompts to update your information. Please note updating your contact information in Password Manager does not update the contact information in your STCC Account or other systems.

Change Password: Periodically you will be asked to update your password. You must know your password to use this function. When complete sign out using the top right icon.

Reset Password: Select reset password then enter the username (also referred to as domain name). When prompted, enter the unique codes in the box labeled “Letters are not case-sensitive”.  Select your verification method and complete the steps to reset the password.

Unlock Account: If you tried too many times and got locked out you have the power to unlock it.