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STCC Cares LogoThe CARE (Concern, Assessment, Response, Evaluation) Team is a subgroup of the Behavioral Intervention Team composed of college professional staff and faculty members with expertise in health care and social services. The CARE Team’s mission is to identify students of concern and provide coordinated support by connecting those students with resources available both on and off-campus. We aim to encourage, foster, and support the holistic well-being of every STCC student.

The STCC CARE Team aims to meet its mission via a three-pronged approached: By increasing awareness of supportive resources available to students; by managing individual student cases referred to the CARE Team by the Behavioral Intervention Team or via the college's Share-A-Concern notification system; and to be a primary resource for faculty, staff, and students who have concerns about the well-being of any STCC student.

David Forton, MS, LMHC
Senior Academic Counselor

Jose Lopez-Figueroa, MPA
Director of the Center for Access Services
Sarah McIntyre, MSW, LCSW
Coordinator of Fieldwork Programs, Behavioral Sciences

Jonathan Miller, MS, P-AC
Director of Health & Wellness Center

Please report any concern you may have about the physical, emotional, or social well-being of any STCC student.

Examples of what to report:

  • Personal/emotional distress, such as hopelessness or helplessness, changes in concentration, mood, energy, social connections, appetite, sleep, or hygiene.
  • Academic distress, such as significant decline in class attendance, unresponsiveness to peer outreach, or sudden decline in academic performance.
  • Any self-harm behavior or suicidal ideation or attempt.
  • Harmful or illegal use of alcohol, or drug abuse.
  • Any other concern you may have about the general well-being of an STCC student, including homelessness or food insecurity.

Share-A-Concern notifications can be completed by any member of the STCC community, including faculty, staff, peer students, and parents. The notification is sent to the STCC Behavior Intervention Team, which in most cases will refer the notice to the CARE Team for resource coordination and referral. You can complete a Share-A-Concern notification using the form linked below.

Share-A-Concern Notification

In most cases, due to confidentiality, those who complete the Share-A-Concern notification will not be notified about the specific action or interventions implemented. A member of the CARE Team will reach out to the person completing the notification to assure them that the notification was received and is being acted upon. In some cases, a member of the CARE Team may reach out to the notifying person for clarification or additional information.