Incomplete Grade Requests

Students requesting an incomplete grade should first consult with their advisors regarding any potential impact on their financial aid, SAP appeal, GPA, registration, transfer, and graduation. Students are encouraged to discuss their outstanding course requirements and deadlines with their instructor prior to submitting the form. Students with an incomplete grade at the end of the term are ineligible for the dean’s list or commencement honors. Please see the Academic Information webpage for more information about the Incomplete Grade policy.

Submitting a Request

Students must initiate a request for an incomplete grade from their instructor by completing the Incomplete Grade Request form.

Note: The deadline for students to request an incomplete grade is the last day of classes for flex terms, summer, and winter classes, and the last day of full semester final exams as published on the Academic Calendar.

Reason for Incomplete Request

Upon completing the form, students selecting any of the following reasons (examples provided) for an Incomplete grade should avail themselves of the STCC resources below.

  • Medical - An illness is preventing you from completing the work assignments on time.
  • Changes to living situation - You are enrolled in an on-campus course and had to abruptly move out of the area.
  • Technical - Your computer broke and you cannot afford to purchase another one.
  • Family/personal - A relative or loved one became sick or injured and you must assist them as a caregiver.
  • Financial - You were laid off and must spend your time looking for another job.
  • Other

STCC Resources