Honors Add-ons & Independent Study

Students may extend and enhance their work in a conventional course and bring it to a higher level of rigor and independent inquiry that characterizes honors study by completing an Honors Add-on. Students must work with their professor in creating the add-on, complete and submit the Honors Add-on Contract found below to the Honors Program Coordinator.

Honors Add-on Projects allow the student to pursue the content and subject matter of an existing academic offering in greater depth than is required by the traditional student in the course. The content and subject matter of the add-on component course is developed by the student, in conjunction with the professor and assisted by the Honors Program Coordinator. The add-on component is documented through a scholarly research paper, a group project, a portfolio of creative work, or presentation at a public forum. The student must earn a grade of B in the add-on course for the course to be counted as an honors course on the transcript. The Honors Add-on option is is available to any student of the college, who has achieved a 3.2 GPA.

The student wishing to do an Honors Add-on project for a course not on the list should fill out an Honors Add-On Contract, which must be completed, signed by both student and professor and sent to Professor Diane Sabato at dsabato@stcc.edu (please talk to Professor Sabato if you have questions). For more information on creating a new honors add on, this document provides additional details: Understanding Honors Add-ons.

Honors Independent Study

Honors students have the opportunity to create a unique three credit honors course of their own design, in collaboration with a faculty advisor.

You will need to detail the following:

  • A general statement about what you wish to study and why.
  • How often you will meet with your sponsor for progress and/or guidance.
  • How you will be evaluated
  • The knowledge, understanding, skills, attitude, or value you seek.
  • How you will acquire this learning.

For further information and an application form, contact Honors Program Coordinator Diane Sabato at dsabato@stcc.edu.