Student Success Program

MET Student using Magnification Horizontal Projection Lens Set

Dates: Entirety of student career at STCC
Application: TBD
Student Success Program Contract

The STEM Starter Academy (SSA) Student Success Program is available to a select number of STEM students at STCC. The program, funded by a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education provides students with FREE resources and support services. 

Program Benefits

  • Support throughout time as a student
    • Dedicated Academic and Transfer Counselor
    • One-on-one support with SSA Director
    • Tutoring Support
    • Life coaching with the STEM Coach
  • Opportunities to participate in STEM Forums, events, and workshops
  • Stipend per semester*
  • $500 scholarship opportunity

*Students accepted into the Student Success Program who follow the Student Success Contract linked at the top of this page will receive a stipend for each semester completed successfully at STCC for up to 2 years. This will be in the form of a check. You can spend it how you please. You will receive the stipend at the end of the semester, once final grades are released.


Program participants are expected to complete an Associate’s Degree or Certificate in a STEM major and/or transfer to a four-year college or university STEM program or secure employment in a STEM-related position. Additional expectations are provided in the Student Success Contract linked at the top of this page.


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