STCC Honors Program Colloquia

*Please note: The course offering will vary from semester to semester and year to year. Each semester there will be a listing of the specific Honors Colloquia and Seminars being offered. No honors colloquia are offered during the summer.

STCC Honors Program Course Competencies for all Colloquia and Seminars:

  • Investigate a topic using an interdisciplinary approach.
    1. Student demonstrates ability to evaluate a topic.
    2. Student uses ability to analyze a topic in various and appropriate contexts, including social, historical, political, scientific, and artistic.
  • Conduct independent scholarly research
    1. Student demonstrates a strong knowledge of the research process.
    2. Student demonstrates familiarity with appropriate methods and sources for research, including the library, the Internet, as well as other appropriate sources.
  • Synthesize information from various sources
    1. Student demonstrates ability to compile research material.
    2. Student demonstrates ability to evaluate research materials.
    3. Student demonstrates ability to apply in writing and discussions information acquired through research and other methods
  • Development of critical thinking skills appropriate to an Honors Course
    1. Student uses clear logical patterns of thinking, argumentation, and questioning.
    2. Student is able to discern different points of view.

See our Honors Colloquia courses and current offerings in the current semester class schedule.