Summer Bridge Program

Summer Bridge Program Brochure (PDF)


Onboarding & Math Boot Camp
June 26, July 1 - July 3
July 8 - 9, 2024 (On-boarding & Math Boot Camp)

Summer Session 2 Courses
July 10 - Aug 13, 2024 (Summer Session 2)


Application Deadline: Friday, June 7th 11:59 p.m. (EST)


Program Description

The STEM Starter Academy Summer Bridge program offers incoming fall students registered in a STEM or Undeclared/General Studies major, a head start towards their first semester on campus. Participants will receive their first Math and English Composition 1 (3 credits ENG-101) classes tuition free. Students will participate in an intense Math bootcamp and Blackboard training sessions before Summer Session II to prepare them for their classes. Students will also receive free supplies, tutoring, and advising which will be continued until they graduate or transfer. They will also have opportunities to participate in enriching STEM experiences, events, and activities throughout the academic year.

This program also increases awareness and familiarity with STCC campus resources such as tutoring, the library, STEM majors, financial aid, advising, registration, and career counseling. Former STEM Starter Academy students have reported stronger connections with faculty and staff. 

Students will earn a $400 stipend upon successful completion of all courses with a C grade or higher.

“A program of study is a journey, and there are some steps that are steeper to climb than others, yet programs like SSA makes it possible to trek, possible to climb.”  Summer Bridge Student 2022

Program Requirements

  • Be a Massachusetts resident
  • Registered for at least ONE (1) Fall 2024 course
  • Enrolled in a STEM degree program or as a undeclared/general studies student

Student Success and Testimonials