Research Methods in STEM

Research Methods in STEM Flyer
Dates: July 6 - Aug 6, 2021 (Tentative)
Application Deadline: June 15, 2021 (Tentative)

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Program Description

Another excellent free opportunity for our current STCC students in STEM majors is the remote 4 credit transferrable Lab science BIO 117 – Research Methods course.

This course is designed for our current STEM majors. Students will learn research methods, experimentation, data collection and analysis, critical thinking, technical writing, and presentations. In this course students will be introduced to quantitative and qualitative methods for conducting meaningful scientific inquiry and research while developing an understanding of the scope and purpose of STEM research. Under supervision of a faculty mentor, students will select a research project, write a literature-based research proposal, collect data, and present a research report in a poster form. Research methods and experimental design will be emphasized, along with accessing articles from the professional literature and the effective communication of research results. The students will have opportunities to present their research posters in Undergrad Research Conferences.

Student Success and Testimonials

BIO 117 Research Methods Presentations

My participation in Biological Research has been instrumental in changing the trajectory of my educational journey in a way I did not anticipate. SSA Student