Virtual STEM Careers Symposium and Expo

Virtual STEM Careers Symposium and Expo Flyer: TBA
Date: Spring 2023 (TBD)
Time: TBD
Application Deadline: TBD

Program Description

This bi-annual STEM Careers Symposium is held to inspire our next generation of STEM leaders. The event comprises of several speakers from diverse STEM disciplines. Presenters share their STEM career choices, challenges, opportunities, and advice to students. Each panel member led group breakout sessions on choosing and persevering in a STEM major.

Student Success and Testimonials

Student reflects on STCC’s STEM Careers Symposium hosted by STEM Starter Academy

A Student’s View on the STCC’s STEM Careers Symposium

I got a ton of knowledge and motivation from this symposium; I am so excited to pursue my STEM career and not only benefit my life but benefit the lives of others. Event Participant