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Explore learning opportunities available in STEM fields or have fun with arts and sports!

Summer of STEM

Science is fun! Enjoy learning how things from architecture, to lasers, to fidget spinners work!

Biotechnology Workshop (ages 14-17)
Ever wonder why some people like bitter foods, while others can’t stand their taste. Your genes may be the reason why. Come learn about your own genetics in this 2-day workshop that explores biotechnology and the genetics of taste.
June 25-26

Creating Mobile Apps  (ages 11-17)
This session is an introduction to the exciting world of developing apps for mobile and tablet devices. Course content is designed for those who have no prior programming experience but want to gain knowledge and skills to develop mobile solutions in this growing technology segment. Students will create applications for mobile computing devices that culminate with a student portfolio of Android Apps.
July 8-11

Making Fidget Spinners  (ages 11-17)
Ever wonder how fidget spinners are made? Using equipment in mechanical engineering technology, learn how to make them in this hands-on class.
July 15-18

Airbrushing  (ages 11-17)
Does your child love painting? Using vibrant colors and designs, students will learn how to operate an airbrushing machine to design projects.
July 16-18

Rock-It Science (ages 11-14)
Have FUN doing innovative, hands-on science! Activities include: using a giant catapult to predict and project objects’ path through the air, designing and building rockets, seeing and hearing “sound waves” while playing musical instruments, building and racing solar cars, and observing rainbows in the sky to explore the nature of light. Activities are coordinated with the Springfield Science Museum.
July 22-26

Forensics (ages 11-14)
Forensic science is the study of crime scenes and criminal identities. This course will provide students with hands-on experience in forensic science and investigative skills.
July 29-Aug 2

Internet of Things (ages 13-17)
The Internet of Things connects everyday objects with the internet through sensors to communicate information. Through this camp, your child will learn about the Internet of Things, and how coding and sensors work.
July 15-16 or July 17-18

Fun with Lasers (ages 11-17)
From grocery store scanners to smartphones, students will learn about what lasers can do in our everyday lives. Over the week, they will make spectroscopes, pinhole cameras, holograms, and do work with lasers.
July 22-25

STCC Builds (ages 11-17)
Learn about urban renewal through hands-on projects. Create bird houses, seed banks, and other projects to teach kids about sustainability.
August 5-15

Summer of STEM programs are funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education.

More Summer Fun

Explore even more fun summer offerings!

The Play’s The Thing (ages 11-14)
A week of theater immersion that includes theater games, improvisation, and an adaptive short play performed at the end of the week for family and friends. This week of theater builds social skills, confidence, and self-esteem.
July 29-Aug 2

Basketball (ages 8-14)
July 29-Aug 2

Keyboarding (ages 11-14)
Building necessary keyboarding skills. Through the use of interactive games and a keyboarding software program, the lessons are fun and help to build a strong typing foundation.
July 29-Aug 2

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STEM Starter Academy Summer Bridge Program

July 1–August 9

Did you graduate from high school in 2017, 2018, or 2019? Are you interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math? Come to STCC this summer and earn college credits in English and Math through exciting activities, field trips, guest speakers, and more!

This program is FREE! Students are accepted through an application process. Learn more and apply online by June 14 on the STCC STEM Starter Academy page.

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Lunch will not be provided. Parents are responsible for providing lunch and students should come prepared with a packed lunch. Peanut products are not allowed.


Please contact Lidya Rivera-Early, Director of Community Engagement at (413) 755-4787 or