Carpooling Incentive Option

I want to carpool with a friend. Is there special parking for people who carpool?

Yes. Qualified students who are approved for carpooling will be assigned to park in Lot 1 and will be issued a Lot 1 parking decal.

How do we apply for a Carpool Parking Decal?

To obtain a carpool decal, two or more passengers are required to appear together in the parking office with each person’s class schedule in hand and a Ram Card ID.

No fewer than two students may carpool.

STCC works with MassRIDES to establish a database for matching students. You may contact MassRIDES at

Is there a financial incentive to carpool?
Yes. Students who are approved to carpool are also eligible to receive a PVTA bus pass and a $25.00 incentive upon request.