Policy for Eligibility of Student Athletes with Disabilities

Springfield Technical Community College does not discriminate on the basis of disability or on the basis of any accommodations required to address the disabilities of its students. Student athletes with documented disabilities, who are otherwise qualified for participation in the college’s athletic program, shall not be denied eligibility for participation in college athletics on the basis of their disability. Nor shall they be denied eligibility as a result of the accommodations deemed necessary for this individual by the College’s Office of Disability Services. This may include, but is not limited to, the need for interpreters or a reduced course load to accommodate a specific disability concern. Given a student’s accommodation, the College may define full time enrollment as less than twelve credit hours for students whose disability related needs necessitate such an accommodation.

Individual student accommodations shall be determined by the Office of Disability Services after a thorough review of a student’s disability documentation from a qualified professional in the field (per the guidelines outlined on the ODS web page). These accommodations shall be officially presented through a student’s Accommodation Plan and can vary each semester. This Accommodation Plan shall serve as the official document of approved disability accommodations for a given semester. Verification of disability accommodations and the college’s determination of full time status based on reasonable accommodations will be submitted by STCC’s Athletic Director and the Office of Disability Services to the National Junior College Athletic Association for review. The final determination of eligibility for NJCAA sanctioned sports shall be left to the discretion of the NJCAA.