Frequently Asked Questions About the Writing Center and Tutoring

Yes! Many students work with a writing tutor when needing help in developing a thesis statement or want general information about how to move forward with a new assignment. Whether you’ve just started, are in the middle of, or have finished your writing assignment, you can receive help.

All meetings occur through Zoom. Your tutor will email you a link to the meeting. 

Students can have up to 3 appointments a week with a tutor, and each meeting can last for up to 1 hour. 

Yes! If the tutor that you’re requesting is available you can work with them as many times as you need.

Yes! If you would like a recurring appointment, speak with your assigned tutor and together you will find a time for your recurring appointments.

Due to covid restrictions, the Writing Center has been working remotely, offering Zoom meetings. You will receive an email from your assigned tutor and together will find a time to have a session. This allows for maximum flexibility, with tutors often working with students in the evenings and on weekends. 

It is not required, but we do strongly encourage it.  We encourage students to have their cameras on whenever possible. We miss seeing everyone's faces since we only work remotely. It is easier when reviewing students' work to be able to see them, but it is up to the student to decide what makes them most comfortable. 

Yes! We can help you with both APA and MLA papers by answering questions and working together to ensure your assignment meets the formatting requirements.

The tutors are only permitted to correct the format of your writing, so they cannot tell you whether your questions are correct or not.

With the student’s permission, the tutors share with the professor specific topics discussed in the session. Faculty love knowing that students in their courses are serious about doing well, and seek out academic support as needed. Knowing what specific topics were discussed in sessions provides faculty with a better understanding of what students want assistance with.

The Writing Center can also help with any other kinds of writing like lab reports for science or case studies for health or science. We can also help with discussion boards as well!