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Asphalt Academy

Whether you want to upgrade your skills or learn something totally new, STCC’s Workforce Development Center will provide the training!

We provide both instructor-led and web-based workforce training and certifications in a wide variety of areas including Construction/ Trades, Health, IT/Network Certification, Management, Manufacturing, Professional and Personal Development, Real Estate Sales and much more.

For more Information, please contact:

Workforce Development Office
Building 27, 1st Floor

Certifications will increase knowledge of production and field technicians, reduce the problems associated with test result differences, eliminate state certification programs and issue of reciprocity and work towards standardizing test methods and test procedures used by the six New England states and New York.

This training is possible through collaborative efforts with Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Palmer Paving Inc., Massachusetts Asphalt Aggregate and Asphalt Association (MAAPA) and the New England Transportation Technician Certification Program (NETTCP).

WDC Asphalt Academy certification trainings include:

*Pre-requisites for taking the Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Inspector certification:

  1. High School Diploma, G.E.D or prior approval by NETTCP and WDC
  2. Documented nuclear density gauge certification as required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or appropriate state nuclear regulatory agency.
  3. Potential students are expected to have at least 6 months of experience working on asphalt paving projects covering topics that the candidate will be examined on at the course.
  4. The registration must be signed by a NETTCP certified HMA Paving Inspector or the candidate’s supervisor indicating they are aware of the experience recommendations.

*Obtaining Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Inspector certification process:

  1. Meet Prerequisites below for taking the Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Inspector Certification Course
  2. Provide a copy of nuclear gauge certification and check to NETTCP to secure position in an upcoming course and examination.
  3. Attend the Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Inspector Certification Course in its entirety.
  4. Successfully pass the written examination

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Inspector Examination

  1. Examination consists of four sections
    • Materials & Facilities (20 points)
    • Surface Preparation & Hot Mix Asphalt Placement (50 points)
    • Compaction & Testing (50 points)
    • Troubleshooting and Segregation (20 points)
  2. Written examination must be completed in 90 days

Passing Grades for New Certification and Recertification

Certification or recertification will be granted to a candidate who achieves a minimum grade of 60% for each of the four sections in the examination with an overall minimum grade of 70% for the entire examination.

Re-examination Policies

  1. A candidate failing the written examination will be required to retake the examination.
  2. Only one (1) re-examination will be allowed.
  3. A candidate failing the re-examination will be required to retake the entire certification course and examination at full cost.
  4. The cost for re-examination is $100 (is NETTCP’s price) and re-examinations must be complete within six (s) months of the candidates’ initial examination date.
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