Placement Assessments

After acceptance into a degree or certificate program at Springfield Technical Community College, most students are required to take placement assessments. These assessments are designed to identify the need for development of basic skills in several areas, including reading, writing, mathematics, and keyboarding. The results of these assessments are used to determine appropriate class placement. No course credit is granted as a result of the assessments.

Accuplacer Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs) in Math, Sentence Skills and Reading, as well as the STCC Keyboarding Placement Assessments, are administered during New Student Registration, as well as on a walk-in basis whenever the Testing and Assessment Center is open. The Center opens at 8am Monday through Friday. Students must arrive no later than 1:30pm for placement testing during the day. The Center is open on some Wednesday evenings.  Call 413-755-4709 to find out what Wednesday evenings we are open.  Students must arrive by 5:30pm to begin evening placement testing.  The average time taken to complete all  tests is 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

All assessments are administered by the Testing and Assessment Center Staff. The computers in room 419 are used exclusively for this purpose.

A Picture ID is required to take any placement assessment.

Preparing for your Assessments

Most students tell us that they wished they had been better prepared for their placement assessments. The following resources will help you prepare, so that the results of your assessments will accurately reflect your skill levels.