MET-150 - Fundamentals of CNC

2 credits

This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of Computer Numerical Control (CNC). The importance of numerical control to manufacturing and productivity is discussed with respect to different types of CNC systems. Coverage includes writing simple programs to perform contouring and hole operations for typical milling machining centers. Programs will also be written for lathe operations including turning, facing and threading. The student will be instructed in the set-up and operation of both a CNC mill and lathe. Emphasis is placed on developing an understanding of typical G and M codes used in modern CNC machinery. Throughout the course, students will be required to perform calculations for speeds and feeds for various tooling. In addition, students will calculate the necessary coordinate data as it relates to the Cartesian coordinate system.

Prerequisite(s): MAT 078 , MAT 073 or MAT 079 (C- or better) or placement at Algebra I on the math placement test.

Corequisite(s): MET 150L 

Previously known as: MECH-150